All are Urged to Come to God, Be Healed

sunday service

New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday service. Pastor Cindy delivered the message of "If I just touch his clothes" from Mark 5:25-34.

"This woman who had been subject to bleeding for 12 years heard Jesus and came up to him. She was unclean and could only be separated, but she didn't give up herself but took courage to come to Jesus to be healed. She had strong desire to be healed so that she could come to Jesus. When we commit sins, we tend to hide us from God just like Adam. But we need know God's heart that he really wants us to come to him and confess our sins and be forgiven. God called Adam not to condemn him but to embrace him. I hope we can always take courage to come to God to listen to his word to be healed."

After the service, they had a time of breaking-bread and table fellowship. Jafre shared, "God's word really spoke to me. Many times I can be like Adam and afraid come to God after I commit sins. But truly I need to learn this woman to take courage to come to God to touch his clothes. God doesn't condemn me but he wants to heal me. I hope I can have such faith in my life."

Two members also shared the grace they have received from the Easter Retreat to encourage each other. May New Life church can experience more power of resurrection going towards Pentecost!